Amy Meya

Amy Meya

Amy Meya Amy Meya Amy Meya

About Me

My Background


Primarily a self-taught ceramic artist, education includes living and working in 

The Netherlands for five years, and extensive travel throughout Europe. Limited formal  education through the KC Art Institute, and Longview Community College.

 A six year exhibitor at the Buyer's Market of American Craft in Philadelphia, from 2008-2013

My Medium


The most important part of my work is the medium, I am passionate about clay itself - taking a lump of mud and forming it into an object - as it fills a primal urge for me. The intimate and personal nature of ceramic objects stands out against other mediums in my soul. I believe it is a mirror to our past and the human history of clay can be seen in museums throughout the world.

My Inspiration


Much of my work is directly inspired by hiking in the woods, camping with my family and my love of gardening. I spent many years as a professional florist, and the flowers are forever in my mind and spirit. 

Travel is a very imprtant part of my life, and the inspiration for my work has shifted as I have visited Europe, the Caribbean and Hawaii.